Ethnography Reflections

After looking back at all of my reflections, I realized that these Ethnography entries helped me to point out my writing flaws. Of course no one is a perfect writer, and I never will be, but when you take a second to record where you are, what is happening, and how you feel in that exact situation, your future self can be proud of all the progress you have made. At least this is how I feel. 

My first set of entries talked about my weaknesses, such as run on sentences or choppy transitions. Although I still have improvement room for these two things, I do feel as if I have made progress in this department. My last three entries are composed much better and more readable. Looking back on all of these together, there is evidence that the second half of my work is better quality.

My work could have been better quality at the end because of improvement, or it also could have been impacted because I took more time doing the assignment, rather than just getting it done. Changing my mindset after meeting with you really helped me to see the value of the work you assigned, not only in ethnographies, but also in RWDs and Commonplace Books too.  The amount of time and energy you put into something really does matter.

Lastly, I learned from looking at my reflections from this semester that not only does energy and time have a large effect on your work, but so does the environment. I found that I worked better in a coffee shop or public setting. This may be due to the fact that it pushes me to work on the assignments I have and not procrastinate, but I am thankful I learned this early on. My reflections show proof of this, as the second set was written in the Starbucks closest to me. 

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