Commonplace Book 9; The Georgia Election

“The state has conducted two recounts, with the latest count showing Joe Biden winning by roughly 12,000 votes.” – The New York Times. 

The Georgia debate, which occurred last night, Sunday December 6th, was a very intriguing conversation, so I thought it would be adequate to discuss a quote from an article written this morning;  December 7, 2020. This statement, written by a journalist from the New York Times, is describing a very relevant controversial topic for both sides of the political spectrum. No matter what party you affiliate with, this debate affects you. (If, of course, you take part or have an interest in politics). 

Some may ask, “how does this affect me” or “isn’t the election already over?” Well yes, the election is indeed over, but the future of the United States senate depends on the outcome of the election on January 5th, 2021 in Georgia. The result of this election will determine who holds an effective majority in the upper chamber. If the democrats win, it will allow Joe Biden to govern easier during his term as the president. If the republicans win, it will make it more difficult for Biden to govern, because the views between parties will not align. This is the beauty of checks and balances. No matter what side the president is on, they will always be accompanied by congress with their own set of standards. 

As I am getting more into politics everyday, I have made a realization that this is what I want to do. I find it fascinating to follow the current policies and or issues. I am curious as to what the result will be on January 5th. To relate back to my quote in the beginning, I am going to ask you, the reader, what you believe. Do you think there was voter fraud this election? Or do you think Joe Biden won fairly? Regardless of your answer, I encourage you to take part and follow along with the upcoming Georgia election.

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