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“That First Sip Feeling”– The side of my Starbucks cup

While this may be possibly the most pointless quote ever to evaluate, it was the only one on my mind when I sat down to write this. For some context, I am on the corner of Wisconsin on the outside porch at Starbucks. The weather is nice, but fairly hot for my liking. The person to my left is repetitively speaking French terms outloud to themself, and I am sitting in a rather uncomfortable chair next to them trying my best to tune it out.

“That first sip feeling.” Hmmm, could this be a true factor that many people believe, implying that the first taste of the drink is the best? Or is it just simply a corny advertisement Starbucks chose for their plastic cup design of the month. I suppose the only way to know this answer, is to test it out for myself.

I ordered my classic; iced vanilla latte with almond milk and cream. Basic, I know. My first drink was in fact significantly good, but I wouldn’t go as to say superior to the ones to follow. I am now wondering whether or not the question I brought to light, “is the first sip truly the best?” better to be left as a rhetorical one, considering how dumb I feel typing this now. To answer my own question, which implies that in fact it does need an answer, making it non rhetorical,  is yes. It is truly up to the person drinking to decide how much they enjoy their first sip. Even if you believe the first drink of coffee trumps the rest following, why would you listen to my negative analysis saying it differs? Decide for yourself, don’t let anyone take away your coffee drinking joy. 

Thank you for listening to my opinionated coffee experience. In conclusion, I have decided that the last sip is actually by far the best, considering it has all of the residue of the drink mixed together in one beautiful sip.

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